Overview and Features

Goodbye Spreadsheets!

The power of HaldanMES lies in its ability to report machine losses quickly & visualize their effect on daily production. Identify hidden capacity & utilize it in improving production. Give the production team the information they need to make the right decisions, effectively stimulating participation throughout the company.

Data Capturing is simple!

HaldanMES collects downtime automatically ensuring that all time is accounted for. View shift information with clarity. Analyse data in real time & compare it with historical data to gain new insights into persistent issues.

HaldanMES's philosophy and methodology in the OEE calculation is based on Industry Standards and principles defined by Arno Koch. He is widely accepted as a pioneer in the field of process improvement and is the author of one of the very first books to be published on OEE: "OEE for Operators" (1990). This book is part of the Shingo prize winning Shopfloor Series. He has also endorsed HaldanMES, making it the only OEE solution worldwide that has been approved by the creator of the OEE Industry Standard.

HaldanMES is faster and Smarter than ever before...

HaldanMES delivers the perfect balance between the latest technological advances in manufacturing with World Class Manufacturing Standards & Principles. It is a Manufacturing Execution System which focusses on driving the effective execution of manufacturing operations. It gives you all the data you need to plan & produce wisely.

Report Mailer
Send Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports to specified users effortlessly via email. No need to open the application & run each report. Simply setup a Report Mailer once & get the information you need seamlessly.

Stay organised & never skip a step in the process. Users can input data quickly using a tablet or laptop & this information is accessible for reporting. Whether it’s for inspection, training, maintenance, start-up or any other type, HaldanMES makes any Checklist easy and efficient!

User Timesheet
Visualise the utilization of support staff with User Timesheets. These will display the timelines of when different users logged into the live data collection application. With the use of pin codes, the software can track which machines they attended to during the shift.

SMS Alerts
HaldanMES will alert users via SMS when a machine has been in a downtime state for longer than a predetermined period of time. Resolve incidents faster & minimise the impact of downtime on your business.

Subscription Purchase
HaldanMES is also available as a subscription-based license. The license is not dependant on the number of machines being monitored or the number of users. Instead, customers are billed monthly on a per shift basis. This model appeals to companies who require more flexibility for cashflow purposes.

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Shopfloor Data Collect

Shopfloor Data Collect is a data collection program which is simple to operate. It allows for both Automated and Manual data collection methods. It can be used on all production processes, whether on discreet production or continuous processes.


The Dashboard is a visual representation of your current OEE performance. Plant and machine Dashboards display real-time shop floor information, allowing for improved shop floor awareness.

Reporting & Analysis

The software collects objective data so that effective improvements can be made. Its Reports allow you to view graphs that display real-time or historic OEE reports. It also takes a step further by analyzing trends in Availability, Performance and Quality losses.


HaldanMES can support OPC Unified Architecture, which allows for devices using different protocols to communicate seamlessly.

Shift Scheduler

The Shift Scheduler allows for shift information to be configured in the program. This information is used to automatically start the Shopfloor Data Collect program and perform shift changes. It allows for full flexibility, across plant and machine levels.


Clients can specify exactly what they need from the software, making it highly customizable. With continuous developments in the software, additions can be made to our standard reports so that the client can get maximum benefits from the software.


Haldan MES is fully scalable and can be used for small or large installations, depending on the specific licensing. The number of machines that can be used by the software is dependent on the license.

Mobile Devices

Haldan MES has a mobile application that can be accessed anywhere, anytime through the use of digital devices such as Android Mobile phones and Tablets.

HaldanMES Version 2 Features

HaldanMES has launched Version 2. Find out about the new features by downloading this fact sheet.