OEE Theory and Practice

HaldanMES is endorsed by Arno Koch, the OEE Pioneer. The theory explained in this section is sourced from his knowledge–base. Haldan Consulting has been authorised as a Qualified OEE Trainer by Arno Koch (Click here to find out more). 

He wrote the very first book on OEE, which is called “OEE for Operators”, which was awarded the Shingo Prize ‘Shopfloor Series’:


Productivity Development Team and Koch, A. 1999. OEE for Operators. CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group: United States of America

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 Another of his publications is “OEE for the Production Team”:


Koch, A. 2007. OEE for the Production Team. Makigami Publishing: The Netherlands

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These have been used as a theoretical reference in our philosophies and product development.

Feel free to read these publications and browse the following sources for an in-depth understanding and awareness of OEE concepts and calculations: