Under current economic conditions and with severe global competition, manufacturers need both creative and proven methods to bring their product to market at a minimum cost.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a method that meets this objective.

OEE will highlight a factory’s hidden capacity, identify waste and visualize losses in utilization.

OEE finds the REAL reasons behind losses and drives corrective action at the root cause, rather than the symptoms.

HaldanMES is a visual Manufacturing Execution System which monitors shop floor OEE performance and enables effective continuous improvements through real-time monitoring and reporting.

Using the correct OEE software is critical! The successful roll-out of an OEE solution is based on the features it provides:Simply implementing OEE does not bring about sustainable improvement – to ensure real and consistent progress, you need the right focus, support, and actions.

HaldanMES delivers visibility through objective insights, to empower businesses to make informed decisions, based on reliable information.